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4SightSeeing Information & Bookings

We regret to advise that 4SightSeeing on Quay has closed. Thank you to all our loyal customers over the years

Help us recreate the brand on line

Blue Pukeko Group is looking for investors and like minded people to help us build an exciting new concept and bring it to the market.

With over 10 years experience in the Tourism booking business we have seen, over the last few years, an increasing move away from shop front sales to online sales.

With this change in emphasis we have been working on a new concept to capture this changing market and are looking for investors to help take the concept from the drawing board to the market.

The concept involves Website, Smartphone, display kiosks and telephone all combined to create an exciting new approach to tourism promotion and selling.

Your investment can be in either money or in offering your services, such as knowledge is smartphone app creation, HTML 5 writing, knowledge of Asterisk and FreePBX, tourism marketing etc.

For more information on this project please :email us.

Postal address
Blue Pukeko Group Ltd
PO Box 132050
Sylvia Park
Auckland 1644
New Zealand


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